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Monday, July 21, 2008

Remembering Teddy Ruxpin

Teddy Ruxpin is a vintage teddy bear from the mid-1980s. They were quiet remarkable for their time. See it was a teddy bear and a cassette player all in one thus making it a duel purpose toy.

The way a vintage Teddy Ruxpin works is you'd place a cassette into its belly and press play. The bear toy had the manarisms to dance and move as it placed the cassettes, so when a song or story was playing it appeared as if Teddy Ruxpin was singing and dancing to the music. Further along came story books. With these also came a cassette which allowed teddy ruxpin to narrarate while a child could read or follow along with a small story book.

Overall, Teddy Ruxpin was a remarkable toy for its time and have recently just been picked up by a new distributor. You can still buy vintage Teddy Ruxpins online, however.

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